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Samuel Brock Flynn ,CEO of Samuel Brock Flynn Show

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Samuel Brock Flynn Bio

Samuel Brock Flynn was an extra in the In Gramps Shoes and Gramps Goes To College and also and actor and director in Homestead Haunted House (2013) and also was on YouToo TV and aired 58 times and Samuel Brock Flynn has his own web radio show called Samuel Brock Flynn Show. Samuel Brock Flynn also did a commercial for a church in his own town and he got an appreciation certificate and ward for doing a commercial for the church. The church is Heavens Harvest Healing Rooms.Samuel Brock Flynn Promoted Film (I Sell Bibles) through multiple networks and he got credits for it .Samuel played Stevie in Love Waits.

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Broadcaster and Show Host of

Samuel Brock Flynn Show located in Crossville TN.

Date of Birth 22 September 1998Crossville, Tennessee, USA

Nick Names:

Samuel B Flynn Samuel Brock Flynn Brock Flynn

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Samuel Brock Flynn and Samuel Brock Flynn Show


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Miscellaneous Crew (3 credits) 2014

I Sell Bibles

(promotion team) (pre-production) 2014

In Gramps' Shoes (extra talent) (completed) 2014

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Director (1 credit) 2013 Homestead Haunted HouseHide 

Actor (1 credit) 2013 Homestead Haunted House Samuel Brock Flynn Love Waits 2014 -Stevie /

Hide  Visual effects (1 credit) 2013 Homestead Haunted House (camera man)[1]

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